About Friends of the Ixchel Museum

Friends of the Ixchel Museum (FOIM) is a U.S. charitable foundation established in 1984 that promotes interest in the Mayan textile tradition of Guatemala and the work of the Museo Ixchel. In this way, it contributes to the understanding, preservation and protection of this important cultural legacy.

womanFOIM is made up of Guatemalan and North American volunteers who share an interest in Guatemala and their commitment to increase appreciation of Mayan textile art.

Every year, the Friends sponsor publications and projects both in the U.S. and in Guatemala. Among them are educational programs, ethnographic research and photographic documentation in several communities, as well as the classification and cataloging of the museum’s collections of textiles and photographs. It has also made possible the English translation and publication of several of the museum’s works, the production of videotapes in Spanish and English, and a Spanish language activity book for children.

Its work to publicize and promote Guatemalan textiles includes putting on exhibits in the United States and publishing a biannual newsletter describing both FOIM activities and those of the museum.



Friends of the Ixchel Museum Bulletin

Current Bulletin - November 2016



The exhibition, Cofradía - Texture and Color, opened this last April in the temporary exhibition space of the Museo Ixchel and is scheduled to be up for two years. For those of you who are familiar with the museum, it is in the space previously occupied by the Bordados exhibition.


Cofradías play an integral role in indigenous Maya communities and in the lives of their inhabitants. A cofradía defies a simple description. It is the interplay of religion and community tradition with political, economic, and judicial elements. It is a brotherhood and sisterhood organized around the veneration of one of the pantheon of patron saints of a village. Members are chosen by their peers and serve a term of office, which carries civic, religious and significant financial responsibilities. Each community has a ritual calendar that specifies the duty and obligations of each cofradía. Many guide books will provide a calendar of feast days for Maya communities and adventurous visitors who make their way to a celebration will be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime. (to read full article, download November 2016 bulletin)


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  1. Cofradia - Texture and Color
  2. Ixchel Museum News
  3. New Board Members
  4. IXCHEL Publications available through FOIM


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