Hold the Date - July 21-October 13, 2019

Friends of the Ixchel Museum will be putting on a significant textile exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Click here for details. Not only will we take up their two main galleries, but the exhibit has been set to span Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 13). Sunday July 21 is the formal opening of this exhibit and two others taking place concurrently.  Timing: 3-5pm, with refreshments and a special member preview and tour at 2-3pm. Admission is free for FOIM members.


Cofradia: Warp and Weft

February 12, 2019 – current.  The Museo Ixchel (Guatemala) has refreshed two of its major galleries: The Carmen L. Pettersen watercolors and the Cofradía temporary exhibit.  Cofradía: Warp and Weft has been redesigned and now contains different textiles and text.  An inaugural cocktail will be held on February 12th at 7pm.  



Discover Maya

In Maya, you will discover what archaeologists know about the ancient Maya and the unresolved questions they continue to investigate. The exhibit explores the fascinating social, natural, and spiritual realms of the ancient Maya through the eyes of powerful kings and queens and the lesser-known people who were the backbone of Maya society. This exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah will feature impressive environments, authentic artifacts, and hands-on activities that tell the story of the ancient Maya and their modern descendants. Exhibit runs November 10, 2018 to May 27, 2019. For more information, click here.


2018 Guatemala and Honduras Costume and Cultural Awareness Study Tour

Join the Costume Society of America May 15-27, 2018 for an exciting study tour to Guatemala and Honduras! They will visit the ruins of Copan to decipher sculptures depicting Mayan dress, explore museums in Guatemala City, and absorb the culture of the Guatemalan Highands. Click here for full description and itinerary.


2018 National Hispanic Heritage Month Events

Hispanic Heritage Month, whose roots go back to 1968, begins each year on September 15, the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile and Belize also celebrate their independence days during this period and Columbus Day (Día de la Raza) is October 12. National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) recognizes the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture. Check out what is happening on their website.

Workshop: Learn about fabrics

Workshops at the Ixchel Museum (Guatemala) - Ever wonder what those symbols mean? “Let’s Learn about Weaving” is a new workshop given from 10-12 noon every third Thursday of the month.  It is led by Violeta Gutierrez (curator) and Barbara Knoke (anthropologist) – a modest fee is charged. For more information, you can contact the Museum at


Textiles at Twelve

For those in the Washington, DC area, please note the free lecture series 'Textiles at Twelve', sponsored by the Textile Museum. Weekly lunchtime programs—including films, lectures, and gallery talks—focus on the textile arts and global cultures. Free; no reservations are required..

Weaving into the Future

FOIM is initiating a women’s weaving cooperative in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  Weaving Into The Future will give women a kickstart (space & materials) to develop quality saleable woven products & locate sales venues.  The women will earn from their efforts, their children will learn how to weave, and the broader community will be able to see and appreciate the amazing Maya textile tradition—live. Upcoming events will be posted as information is received.

500 Years | Life in Resistance

Produced in 2016, this is the third film in a trilogy about Guatemala. This installment explores the sweeping historical significance of the war crimes trial of General Ríos Montt and the toppling of corrupt president Otto Pérez Molina. Director Pamela Yates gracefully engages the indigenous Mayan population who experienced genocide at the hands of a long-standing repressive government. Silenced family members and eyewitnesses come forward to share their individual stories with the desire that their under reported, horrific treatment receive the attention it deserves.


Spoken in Spanish and native Mayan languages, 500 YEARS delicately weaves archival footage with new interviews and emotional courtroom scenes to shine light on a growing movement to fend off the systematic aggression toward an underrepresented people. Focusing on the recent events of a country that has suffered for generations at the hands of a ruling elite, the film hails the nation’s citizens banding together on a quest for justice—and emerging as a beacon of hope. Click here to see film trailer.


IXCANUL - Mayan Language film

'Ixcanul' (which translates roughly to 'volcano' in the Mayan dialect of Kaqchikel) is an arresting story about two strong indigenous women. The 2015 film is still being shown. Click on the IXCANUL title above for more information.


Massive 'Maya' exhibit fills new Mays Center - May 2016

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed - The Witte Museum - the Mays Family Center for Special Exhibitions and Events! For the first time, archeologists are sharing the secrets about this fascinating society in a singular and unforgettable museum experience. Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the largest traveling exhibition about the Maya ever to be toured in the United States. It uses a combination of authentic artifacts along with multimedia and interactive, hands-on activities to reveal our deep ties to this astonishing civilization. This is the Texas premier of this unprecedented exhibition.