President’s Letter

November 2017

Dear Friends of the Ixchel Museum:

We’ve done it! In last year’s November letter we called out several initiatives aimed at enabling scholars and armchair tourists interested in Maya heritage or weaving to more easily access the Museum’s treasures.


Happily, I can report the completion of not one, but two virtual tours – including the sensational Google Cultural Institute’s photo-compilation of galleries and collection pieces. Both Friends and the Museum finished up website refreshes, the latter now available in English. The Museum’s Facebook page was re-designed and is garnering more “likes”. The past Bordados installation is captured as our first e-exhibit. So browse around and enjoy!


We started planning for the next major temporary exhibit, as well as the digital experience program, each requiring significant multi-year efforts and five-figure budgets.

  • We have an exhibit venue! The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles has accepted us for July 21-October 13, 2019. Our show, TRANSITIONS: Maya Clothing as Culture (working title), will span Hispanic Heritage Month and include community outreach. While we were not asked for a “dowry”, we will have to cover expenses.
  • The Museum needs to replace its aging cataloguing software, which covers both classification and photography. Continuously expanding collection content and the goal of enabling on-line access have led to demands which are beyond the current system. Fortunately, new technologies are available, but the development and migration will be costly. A proposal has been generated and is under discussion.


These two multi-year projects need extraordinary support – and overarch our ongoing work with the Weaving for the Future women’s co-op and the US newsletter. So please donate – We appreciate all of you! But if any particular initiative enthuses you, we are happy to discuss major gifts which could be individually-credited. We acknowledge you have new choices created by recent natural disasters – but hope to count on your continued support.


Enjoy the upcoming holidays, and thanks so much for your interest in our work.


Ana-Maria V. Zaugg
President, Friends of the Ixchel Museum