President’s Letter

June 2017

Dear Friends of the Ixchel Museum:

The application of the term “preservation” can take many forms – and in this bulletin we have highlighted our two projects which focus on preserving weaving skills. These innovative projects are aimed at helping Maya weavers create the next generation of weavers. One is the Washington D.C. co-operative founded over a year ago, and the other is a pilot in Comalapa of an elementary school teacher training manual. They are now well off the ground.


Both these projects received continued funding at our 2017 annual meeting, which was held in Antigua Guatemala in March. We met with the Museum staff to review 2016 progress on their field research, collection management, and educational projects – as well as to become familiar with their year’s public events and fund-raising activities. We also toured the refreshed Cofradías temporary exhibit featured in our previous bulletin. And we were delighted to view a completed Virtual Tour put together by the curator and a local university student (it will soon be on our website, so you can “visit” the Museum from your home).


Most museums are using digital approaches to showcase exhibits or collections; these are especially vital for relatively remote locations. At our meeting, we also approved continued funding for two other elements of our multi-faceted thrust to make the Museo Ixchel’s collection and work more broadly accessible--an e-exhibit based on the recently-closed Bordados temporary exhibition, and the final stage of a refresh of the Museum’s website. Of course, our baseline support of digitizing the collection also continues.


These projects, as well as our ongoing work to generate US exhibits, require significant multi-year efforts and five-figure budgets. So your support is more critical than ever. Many thanks for your donations and for letting us know which areas have inspired you. We appreciate all of you, but especially those who have made sustained contributions over the years. 


Ana-Maria V. Zaugg
President, Friends of the Ixchel Museum