President’s Letter

November, 2018

Dear Friends of the Ixchel Museum:

You have been magnificent so far! We were thrilled that many of you stepped up your donations in response to my June letter, some quite splendidly. We even received several first-time donors, enticed by personal attachment to one of the two major initiatives. We also received special donations “in honor of” our FOIM Board members Joe Borgatti and Monika Snodgrass. Thank you for your notes, your praise of our work on behalf of Mayan textiles, and your financial support. A brief update:



The Museum needs to replace its aging cataloguing software (both classification and digital photography)—and although new technologies and tools are available, development and migration will be costly. The requirement to work in Spanish plus the inevitable need for ongoing maintenance apply to all solutions. We reviewed several leading US collection software packages, and the Museum is obtaining additional bids for a local custom solution. Under any scenario, they will need additional on-ground resources for the photography, data input, and handling of the textiles, all in addition to their normal workload. We appreciate the several donations specifically earmarked for this project.



Our exhibit team is working closely with the staff of the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, with their exhibition curator Amy DiPlacido as our key partner. Their website already covers our preview (shown in the newsletter). The exhibit is shaping up to provide the desired “up close and personal” exposure via wall displays and full-traje mannequins, with photos and audio-visual support to enable a fuller context. The ability to dovetail special FOIM/Museum events with those put on by the city of San Jose during Hispanic Heritage Month appears feasible. Again, we appreciate the donations directed to this project, including a Bay Area member volunteer! We will now be able to produce a publication and put on a Community Day...and we hope to do more.


So please consider supporting these significant multi-year projects, and thanks in advance for making our ongoing work possible!


Ana-Maria V. Zaugg
President, Friends of the Ixchel Museum                                                                Visit