President’s Letter

November 2016

Dear Friends of the Ixchel Museum:

We hope you are as wowed as we were to “see” the new temporary exhibit – Cofradías – featured in this bulletin. The 2014-15 fieldwork you funded provided the basis, and the results were a synergistic publication and the stunning gallery display, both of which were subsidized by the Friends and several special acknowledged contributions. Enjoy!


Our interim meeting was held in Philadelphia at the Penn Museum, with our new board members actively engaged and providing excellent feedback and suggestions. Immediately thereafter, we featured our weaver’s coop and a selection of rare textiles from our collection at the National Museum of the American Indian’s Maya Creativity and Cultural Milieu program in Washington - and began planning for participation in their Native Art Market on December 2-4.


Most museums are using digital approaches to showcase exhibits or collections; these are especially vital for relatively remote locations.  At our meeting, we also approved the first step in what we hope will be a multi-faceted thrust to make the Museo Ixchel’s collection and work more broadly accessible - an e-exhibit based on the recently-closed Bordados temporary exhibition.  We envision an active program of outreach which will benefit both scholars as well as armchair tourists with an interest in Maya heritage or weaving. Plans include a Museum website refresh, a virtual tour, and continued photography of the still-growing textile collection.


We need to start planning for the next major temporary exhibit, as well as the digital experience program, each requiring significant multi-year efforts and five-figure budgets. These initiatives complement our ongoing work with the Weaving for the Future co-op, local US exhibits, and the newsletter. So your support is more critical than ever.  If there is a particular area which enthuses you and inspires your donation, please let us know. We are also happy to discuss major gifts which would be individually-credited.  


Enjoy the upcoming holidays and do continue to introduce us to your friends.  We appreciate the support from all, especially those who have made sustained contributions over the years.


Ana-Maria V. Zaugg
President, Friends of the Ixchel Museum